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#1 in Slovakia for excellence in HR standards & safest working environment

Read how LEONI became one of the safest and most caring employers in the country.

We guarantee our employees the best security, stability and safety–both in good and difficult times.


Caring for employees is a great responsibility for leaders – and one that sometimes keeps my HR team and myself up at night, as it comes with many challenges.

One challenge we faced was about credibility: For a long time, I was looking for a way to show everyone that LEONI has the highest standards and processes. I wanted to prove that for 30 years we have been improving our working environment for employees and increasing workplace safety. I wanted to prove that our compensation and benefits are transparent and attractive to all our employees and those interested in working with us. And: I wanted to spread the good reputation of LEONI throughout the region.

I knew that certain certificates like “Responsible Employer” and “Safety Enterprise”, which as standards are regulated by the EU, are highly regarded – but obtaining them comes with a lot of work and commitment.

So initially, convincing our HR community of our exceptionality as well as the necessity to obtain these certificates felt like climbing the highest peak in Slovakia. But my team and I persisted, and gradually everyone began to trust in the process, and jointly we put in almost a year of hard work.

And finally, after thorough preparation, we boldly joined the EU program to obtain the certificates, which are awarded by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic and the National Labour Inspectorate in Košice.

Our efforts were worthwhile and now we can even guarantee our employees to receive more and better benefits than at any of our competitors. After all, how else, other than through honest work, would we objectively convince others that working at LEONI is special?