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Team leader in the field of cable harness construction

Peter, a team leader in cable harness construction for BMW, oversees the team and is directly involved in the construction process.

My story at LEONI

Hello, my name is Peter and I have been an employee of LEONI since 2007. I am currently working as a Team Leader of a group of 3D designers for a BMW customer. I studied in Trenčín at the Faculty of Special Technology of A. Dubček University. After college, I stayed there and started looking for a job because I liked this city. I got a job as a mold designer for rotary casting. However, there weren't too many orders at that time and that was the reason why I started looking for another job. And so I landed by LEONI, where I have been working for 15 years now. After several years of practice by a customer abroad, I returned back to Slovakia and continue to work as a team leader in the field of cable harness construction for BMW. 

This is my job

In addition to overseeing the team, my daily tasks also involve the construction process itself. Each team member is responsible for a specific area of the car, focusing on its enhancement and improvement.

Our primary responsibility is designing cable harnesses within the car to ensure proper connectivity without compromising the car's ergonomics. We engage in daily communication with the customer, consulting them on our proposed solutions.

My Highlights

My most beautiful experience, thanks to LEONI, was the opportunity to work in Munich, Germany. Initially, it was just for a few months as support in creating components. However, that opportunity turned into the experience of a lifetime, as I ended up staying there for 9 years and establishing my own family.

My view of LEONI as an employer

In all the teams I worked with while traveling, I encountered colleagues of different age groups—some older and experienced, others younger, where I was able to offer assistance here and there. I also worked alongside colleagues of various nationalities and religions. The atmosphere was always friendly, even during challenging times.

During my tenure at LEONI, I had the opportunity to visit three countries. My first foreign destination was, of course, Germany, where our company is based. From the outset, I frequently visited the headquarters in Kitzingen, where I met several great colleagues. Later, I had the chance to travel to the Netherlands, specifically to Eindhoven, to collaborate with a customer producing DAF trucks. During my free time, I explored the capital of the Netherlands—Amsterdam.

Finally, I visited Royal England, more precisely Stoke-on-Trent, where LEONI is also based. Here, I had the chance to tour the British Jaguar and Bentley factories. Additionally, we worked on projects for Aston Martin.

When I say the word LEONI, these 3 words come to mind: safety, great team, interesting work!

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