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Senior IT administrator

Miroslav's LEONI journey started with a high school internship, guiding him into IT. Now he is working as Senior IT administrator at LEONI.

My story at LEONI

Hello, I'm Miroslav, part of LEONI since summer 2018. I studied Applied Network Engineering at the University of Zilina and joined LEONI as a Junior IT administrator right after graduation. Now, as a Senior IT administrator handling open tickets in ServiceNow, I've progressed in my role. 

My journey with LEONI started during high school with an internship, sparking my interest in IT. After university, I rejoined LEONI in Trenčianska Teplá as a Junior IT administrator, working my way up to Senior IT administrator over the past 5 years. Along this journey, I've gained valuable experience, developed new skills and have received a lot of support from my colleagues and supervisor.

This is my job

Working in the local IT department involves a diverse range of tasks that require adaptability throughout the day. Responsibilities include managing emails, prioritizing tasks, handling open tickets in ServiceNow, making visits to our system suppliers, and documenting changes made in the systems.

What excites me the most is when I can be part of a global IT project that allows us to improve the quality, security, and stability of our IT infrastructure in our plant. This ensures seamless operations for our employees without interruptions.

My daily routine

Start of the day

Working in the local IT department can be unpredictable, making it challenging to adhere to the same schedule every day. Nevertheless, each morning, I prepare breakfast and gather necessary items before taking public transport to arrive at work around 7 AM.


My morning routine involves checking my email inbox, prioritizing tasks, and reviewing open tickets in ServiceNow while having breakfast and enjoying herbal tea (I'm not a coffee person :) ). I then address scheduled tasks based on the calendar or morning emails.

Lunch break

Around 12 Am, I head to the Cafeteria - common area for meetings and lunch. I frequently gather with colleagues from various departments, engaging in discussions on diverse topics. I like it a lot because this practice often sparks new ideas and provides a break from work.


After lunch, it's time to resume work. Throughout the day, I handle unexpected phone calls and Teams messages from colleagues, make visits to our system suppliers, and document changes made in the systems. Work in local IT often demands quick responses, prioritization of tasks, patience, and frequent communication with users.


I typically finish work between 3 and 4:30 PM. Once I arrive home, I allocate time for activities such as reading books and playing sports. Additionally, I often engage in self-education through various courses. Before bedtime, I make sure to set aside time for meditation and relaxation to unwind after the whole day.

My Highlights

The most exciting moment, which also reflects a bit our company culture, was one from the last year when LEONI employees could contribute to a voluntary amount to support a colleague undergoing a challenging operation. On such occasions, individuals truly get to know the character of a community and realize what is genuinely important in life. I am proud and grateful that people can come together for a good cause in this way.

My view of LEONI as an employer

The atmosphere among the people in our plant is excellent. There is a strong culture of advising, helping, and supporting each other. Personally, I have never experienced a refusal or unpleasantness when seeking advice from colleagues, whether from our plant or from abroad. We continually strive to enhance the company culture through various workshops and events.

In our IT department, we form a really great team. We complement and support each other while maintaining a light-hearted atmosphere through mutual teasing. With just four members in our team, we also have a personal understanding that contributes to the positive atmosphere.

However, what  I value most about working for LEONI is the chance to engage with a diverse range of technologies, providing me with valuable and varied experience.

LEONI in three words? Innovative, adaptive, resilient.

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