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Product and process engineering manager

Tomas is a Product and Process Engineering Manager at LEONI Slovakia, overseeing products, processes, and improvements.

My story at LEONI

My name is Tomas. I have been working at LEONI since 2010 in various positions in the production, maintenance, product and process departments.  Currently I work as a Product and Process Engineering Manager with responsibility for product, process and process improvement at LEONI Slovakia.

I began as a Production Operator, but due to my positive attitude and technical mindset, I quickly advanced to the position of Mechanician. When the opportunity for a Production Team Leader arose, I successfully transitioned into a managerial role. After two years, I was offered the position of Production Specialist, where I learned about the entire machine portfolio and recognized my value to the company. Eager for more challenging opportunities, I progressed to my current role.

This is my job

My daily routine begins with a cup of coffee and checking the agenda for the day. I manage a team of product, process, machine, and lean engineers on an operational level, bridging central tasks to operational tasks and vice versa. Additionally, my department handles project management and supports our division in expanding product and machine portfolios. I work closely with skilled lean experts who contribute to the continuous improvement of the lean mindset across the company. I engage in numerous meetings with colleagues in Germany and exchange experiences with other plants worldwide to optimize our knowledge usage. 

To sum it up, In my role, I connect global tasks and experience with local processes and improvements.

My Highlights

As an ambitious person, the highlight of my journey at LEONI has been reaching my current position. I feel perfectly suited to my current role, and I am grateful for the support and trust LEONI has provided in helping me attain this achievement.

My view of LEONI as an employer

Honestly speaking, my initial career plan was to start with military services, but due to unexpected circumstances, I ended up joining LEONI. Initially considering it a short-term option, I soon fell in love with the company and forgot any other employer. LEONI provided me with opportunities for development, self-realization, and technical improvements, witch I still love to manage as a coherent unit.

What I really like about LEONI culture, both - globally and locally, is that we have an ability to collaborate, exchange experience for our improvement, and communicate openly. The support from my local colleagues and the CEO ensures our decisions and improvements are agile and efficient. Currently, my team consists of 9 members, and we work in a spacious common office with an open and cooperative atmosphere. We always try to support each other to reach the goals witch are expected.

LEONI in three words? Cooperation, loyalty, opportunities in meaning of self realization.

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