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Harness design developer

Lucia, a harness design developer at LEONI in Dubnica, plays a key role in bridging the gap from the drawing board to the final product.

My story at LEONI

I am Lucia, and I have been working as a harness design developer at LEONI in Ilava/Dubnica over Váhom since 2018. I pursued my studies at the University of Žilina, where I successfully graduated with a degree in traffic engineering.

My five years with LEONI have provided me with invaluable experience. I've been involved in multiple projects, including the design of Cupra cars, which have been visually impressive. Beyond the projects, my real success story at LEONI is personal growth. During my time here, I've learned to handle stress, navigate challenging situations, and appreciate the collaborative spirit where people are willing to help when needed. My work is an integral part of a vast process, bridging the gap between a drawing board and the final product that ultimately serves people like me.

This is my job

I am responsible for the 2D implementation of specific harness parts for SEAT and Audi. Throughout the day, I receive instructions from my colleagues at the Barcelona branch, then proceed to modify or create drawings based on their input. Once the drawings are complete, I report back to my colleagues in Barcelona. When not working on drawings, I assist my colleagues, sharing our skills to meet specific customer requirements.

I’m a car enthusiast so seeing what’s coming and feeling that my job is a part of the automotive future is a great one. Coming just short after that is my colleagues, I found friendships that will last and I think it’s good to feel almost at home in work.

My Highlights

I had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona for training when I joined the company. It was a chance to see the world and meet my colleagues in person, putting faces to the 'mail accounts.' During this time, colleagues evolved into friends, and it remains one of my cherished memories. The second part of the experience was equally enjoyable—after work, we explored the city and savored the local cuisine.

My view of LEONI as an employer

At first, it was a good opportunity for me after the university, but after five years, I feel like a valued member of the group. There are benefits outside the „money“ range such as home office that is great addition. Of course work has to be done in office or out of it, but sometimes not leaving my house and the coziness of slippers when it’s raining outside is a huge bonus.

Besides, I found people that are like minded that make me feel great. Everybody is willing to help in need and I can’t really complain about people around me.

I have a good supervisor that never turned me down, also people in Barcelona are understanding and we work on the solution if a bump occurs on the road. I never felt like I should keep my ideas away and just ignore the problem, because it won’t be solved anyway.

LEONI in three words? Fair, friends, loyalty or maybe cars, wires, people – depending on how we look at it.

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