LEONI in Slovakia

Structure of LEONI Slovakia, spol. s r. o.

Currently, there are four branches operating in Slovakia. 

  • LEONI Slovakia – branch Trenčín
  • LEONI Slovakia – branch Stará Turá
  • LEONI Slovakia – branch Trenčianska Teplá – časť Dobrá
  • LEONI Slovakia – branch Jaklovce

The foundations of LEONI AG date back to the 16th Century, when its founder Antoni Fournier from French Lyon tried to meet women's needs by making beautiful pieces of jewelry. The cables' production commenced back in 1917, while the production of cable sets did not commence before 1950. LEONI started to expand rapidly in 1999, after the holding structure LEONI AG had been established, with LEONI Slovakia being its integral part up to the present.  LEONI performs in Slovakia as of 1992, after the first production plant in Nová Dubnica had been established. Soon, more production plants in Trenčíne (1993), Stará Turá (2000) and Ilava (2004) followed. In 2013, all of these companies, which were separated until then, formed a common representation of LEONI in Slovakia under the name of LEONI Slovakia, Ltd. , with original companies appearing further as self-contained branches.    

LEONI Slovakia, spol. s r.o., plant Trenčín

We are not only  the production company. We have become the supplier of comprehensive services for the renown automotive manufacturers. Our development specialists participate in the development of a new generation automobiles, which will be used by mankind in the near future. We are the solid part of the newest trend in development of automotive industry, which  is the development of electromobiles.  Therefore, it is our priority to acquire more development specialists. We focus on the cooperation with universities as well as secondary schools in order to train and educate our own development workers and specialists. Employees of the development centres are able to verify their development knowledge directly in the production of prototypes, which is an ideal way of linking the development with the production.

LEONI Slovakia, spol. s r.o., plant Trenčianska Teplá - Dobrá

LEONI Trending is primarily focused on electro mobility manufacturing. We produce special cable harnesses for electric and hybrid cars. Our customers include BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and many others. LEONI Trenčín also takes part in the fully automated production line Industry 4.0, which produces plastic components. The production line is equipped with new, modern moulding machines, fully robotic machines, and similar equipment. Our oldest production facility produces cable harnesses for Porsche. LEONI has supplied Porsche for more than 25 years without product or delivery failure.

LEONI Slovakia, spol. s r.o., plant Stará Turá

LEONI Slovakia, plant Stará Turá manufactures cable and cable assemblies for the medical and automation technology of robotic workplaces as the only one within the LEONI Group in Europe. Of medical devices, especially for CT and MR instruments, the reference customers of the plant are, for example, SIEMENS, PHILIPS and GE. At the same time, it is a strategic plant for the LEONI Group in Europe.

The plant in Stará Turá belongs to the Wire & Cable Solutions division of the LEONI Group. It employs 610 employees in the premises of Stará Turá and Ilava. The plant has built strong know-how and competency, and its specialists are starting production in other Leoni plants around the world.


LEONI has been operating in Slovakia since 1992, when the first production plant in Nová Dubnica was established. Since then, Slovakia has gained the status of a motoring power - "European Detroit" - within the Central European Space. In the country with five million inhabitants, four automotive factories have their production plants: Volkswagen, PSA, KIA and Jaguar - Land Rover. In Czech Republic, near the Slovak border(Ostrava-Nošovice) is based Hyundai, and other automotive factories operate in neighboring countries. Therefore, another investment of LEONI in Trenčín (1993) and Ilava (2004) followed. At the same time, the need for modern medical devices continuously increased, which was covered by LEONI´s investments in production in Stará Turá (2000). In 2013 they created a joint representation of both divisions of the LEONI parent company in Slovakia under the name LEONI Slovakia, spol. s r. o., thus confirming their position in the Central European area.