LEONI in Slovakia

Structure of LEONI in Slovakia

Currently, there are two legal entities operating in Slovakia:

  • LEONI Wiring Systems Slovakia, spol. s r. o., Trenčín
  • LEONI Slovakia, spol. s r. o., Trenčianska Teplá –  Dobrá

The foundations of LEONI AG date back to the 16th Century, when its founder Antoni Fournier from French Lyon tried to meet women's needs by making beautiful pieces of jewelry. The cables' production commenced back in 1917, while the  production of cable sets didn't commence before 1950. LEONI started to expand rapidly in 1999, after the holding structure  LEONI AG had been established, with LEONI Slovakia being its integral part up to the present.  LEONI performs in Slovakia as of 1992, after the first production plant in Nová Dubnica had been established. Soon, more production plants in Trenčíne (1993), Stará Turá (2000) and Ilava (2004)followed. In 2013, all of these companies which had been separated until then, formed a common representation of LEONI in Slovakia under the  name of LEONI Slovakia, Ltd. , with original companies were appearing further as self-contained branches. On January 1, 2022, two separate legal entities were established in Slovakia, namely LEONI Wiring Systems Slovakia, Ltd. and LEONI Slovakia, Ltd.     

LEONI Wiring Systems Slovakia, spol. s r. o., Trenčín

LEONI Wiring Systems Slovakia spol. s r. o., Trenčín is the production plant with a long - term tradition in the production of cable sets for the world renowned car brands. Overall, we employ 1700 workers in two production premises in Trenčín and Ilava.  One part of the production plant  in Trenčín specializes in the production of cable kits for clients of Porsche. It is the production carried out at assembly lines. The fact that LEONI in Trenčín has been  the supplier for Porsche for 24 years proves that we never failed and always  delivered our products on time. It’s mainly due to the quality and efficiency of all our LEONI staff in Trenčín. Another LEONI production plant deals with the production of EMO – electromobility. It deals with special cable kits for electromobils and vehicles with the hybrid drive.

LEONI Slovakia, spol. s r. o., Trenčianska Teplá –  Dobrá

Plant in  Trenčianska Teplá belongs to German LEONI corporation -  cable division. We produce special coaxial and data cables for automotive industry. Our history dates back to 1992, when the first plant was established in Nová Dubnica. Currently, we produce in two production premises in Trenčianska Teplá - Dobrá and in Trenčín.


LEONI has been operating in Slovakia since 1992, when the first production plant in Nová Dubnica was established. Since then, Slovakia has gained the status of a motoring power - "European Detroit" - within the Central European Space. In the country with five million inhabitants, four automotive factories have their production plants: Volkswagen, PSA, KIA and Jaguar - Land Rover. In Czech Republic, near the Slovak border(Ostrava-Nošovice) is based Hyundai, and other automotive factories operate in neighboring countries. Therefore, another investment of LEONI in Trenčín (1993) and Ilava (2004) followed. At the same time, the need for modern medical devices continuously increased, which was covered by LEONI´s investments in production in Stará Turá (2000). In 2013 they created a joint representation of both divisions of the LEONI parent company in Slovakia under the name LEONI Slovakia, spol. s r. o., this confirming their position in the Central European area. After the separation in 2022, two independent LEONI divisions are currently operating in Slovakia.