LEONI is a leading manufacturer of wiring systems and a company with a hundred-year tradition. In Slovakia, the employer has been operating for 25 years. On Saturday, June 17, 2017, company gave its employees a truly amazing all-day experience. "At Christmas, we launched extremely demanding production for our Hyundai customer. This production, besides the usual requirements of 100% quality, is demanding because the order system between our production and the production of the client is essentially online. They in production in the Czech Republic enter a request, we in Ilava begin to produce immediately. So, we did not have the chance to organize a Christmas party for our staff, which made us very sorry. That's what we wanted to compensate with the Family Day event, "said Miroslav Šulek, head of the Trenčín branch plant.
The program in the crowded area of the LEONI Slovakia plant in Ilava began with the Born To Trick acrobatic show, which performed a spectacular parkour show. Young athletes were literally flying over to the visitors’ heads. Followed by Hawaiian female dancers from the group Jamal - belly dance, which made it even warmer in the heart despite cold weather.

After these introductory performances, Miroslav Šulek welcomed the employees and their families: "Today we did not come here to work, we want to relax here and have fun. So, I wish you great entertainment so that you can take a lot of nice and pleasant experiences from today. Welcome."  "The organizers have been troubled for a while because of unexpectedly cool weather and the threat of rain, but the atmosphere got better as soon as hot goulash was served.

One of the most interesting activities was a production tour. Children and the family of employees could see the environment in which their loved ones work. Martin Predanoci, head of Ilava production plant, was also surprised by such an interest: "I'm excited about so much interest. There were two or three hundred people in the first turn, and we had to guide another smaller groups. Fathers and moms proudly showed their families where they work.”

After the tour, employees and their families could have a hotdog. In the meantime, the Hawaiian dancers were ready again, while a short break after their performance was lunch and ice cream, with a special children's menu.

Children could also enjoy the bouncy castle or face painting. And the ladies could use the services of cosmetics - students of the Secondary School of trade and services in Trenčín.

As soon as the break was over, visitors saw a fire truck arriving. The fire brigade's inspection allowed them to look into work of the firefighters. The afternoon program continued with songs of the sister duo TWiiNS, who, with their smiles, managed to make a sunny day and please the children in particular.

The successful end of the day was the announcement of the ruffle results. Happy winners were leaving with winnings like branded wine, wireless charger, or set of glasses. As the director of LEONI Slovakia Miroslav Šulek said, the attendance was abundant, and the satisfaction of the Family Day visitors was obvious. The event thus fulfilled the purpose of providing employees with an amazing day full of experiences that they will not forget.

On 8th of July 2017, The International Drone Race Slovakia 2017 was held in Trenčín. Company  LEONI Slovakia participated at this do as a co-organizer. All visitors were able to see special cable kits and assemblies which are components of electromobiles and are produced by us. As there is  currently a constant growth of demand for electromobiles, our exhibition stand was very popular. We very much appreciate that we were able to contribute and participate at this outstanding do.

LEONI Slovakia was formerly known in the region as an employer focused on assembly-line production of wiring systems. Times have changed. The management of the parent company has decided to move a significant part of the development to Slovakia. Today, engineers in Trenčín and Ilava participate in the development of electric cars and technologies of the future and managers of LEONI Slovakia spol. s r.o. thus further develop family and region-oriented social policies.

While LEONI Slovakia spol. s r.o. has been operating in country for 25 years, the parent company, celebrates its 100th anniversary. On this occasion on September 9, 2017, the management of the Trenčín plant organized Family Day - the day of open doors for employees and their family members. They rehearsed the successful Family Day event from June 17, 2017 held at the Ilava plant, which had a very good response and its popularity expanded into other plants. The interest in this highly organized event in Trencin was astonishing: more than 1300 people came!

After a pleasant welcome with morning coffee and a cake, the day started swiftly - with the performance of an acrobatic group of parkourists called Born To Trick. They overwhelmed their audience with their jumps one over another, jumping forward, back, and even sideways. In their speeches, LEONI Slovakia CEO Ralf Singmann and Miroslav Šulek, Plant Manager of the Trenčín plant, commemorated the anniversaries of the company, thanked the employees and also mentioned the harder times of LEONI in Trenčín when the fire destroyed a third of the hall. Employees have shown tremendous solidarity and the result has been the building of new attractive spaces. After the official part, snacks were served, and the smell of goulash attracted all families. There was, of course, a snack for children or for those who wanted something a little easier.

The tour of production has met a great interest of relatives. Wives, spouses and children wanted to see where their loved ones work, how it all works and what their job is all about. The crowds went through the production halls in a lively debate, alternating in individual groups. At the end of the tour, the space in front of the main stage was revived by the choreography of the girls from dance group Dancando from Bánovce nad Bebravou. Engaged children and their support have proved to be a very nice part of the program. After the dance performance the tours of other production halls and workplaces continued.

Throughout the day, children could enjoy various attractions, such as two bouncy castles, or become Sumo fighters in special inflated costumes. They were also throwing balls into comic targets, many of them let themselves paint on their face, or were rolling around in large zorb balls, and for a moment they became a ball. Those more serious of them could learn the scout ideas from the members of the 62nd Scout group Strelka from Nová Dubnica. While children were busy, adults could get advice on a healthy lifestyle at the Health service

stand and also measure their body fat index. Many ladies enjoyed cosmetic services and advisory from the students of cosmetics from Trenčín and beauty consultants from Mary Kay.The program continued with the performance of the folk group Trenčan. Folklorists from Trenčín, according to expectations, presented the folk traditions of the region at a high level: colorful costumes and dance accompanied by folk music. The raffle pleased the winners with great prizes, followed by the main program of the day: the performance of a sister duo Twiins who danced crowds and pleased the children in particular. After their performance, children enjoyed the foam party, which was prepared for them by the Košeca Fire Brigade.

Nomination for LEONI Slovakia

LEONI Slovakia was nominated for the Investor of the Year award for the year 2017. This award is given annually by TREND, a renowned weekly magazine focusing on finance, business, entrepreneurs and investments in Slovakia.

According to the project's rules, the TREND nominates five investors. The winner is chosen by personalities of the business life in Slovakia and the TREND readers from both print and online platforms.

LEONI Slovakia, a provider of cables and cable systems for automotive, healthcare and other industries, invested a total of 13 million euros in its three Slovak branch plants last year.

Not only the amount of investments, but also boosting engineering, alongside with growing production, were important for success in the Investor of the Year award.

LEONI Slovakia has become important know-how base for the whole LEONI concern.

According to the fact that after Volkswagen, PSA and KIA, Jaguar-Land Rover has just arrived in the five-millionth Slovakia and the automotive perspective in the country is on the rise, is this shift only logical.

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