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Peter Repa

I was a student at the Secondary Vocational School in Stará Turá - my major subject was a mechanic for computer networks. There is also one of LEONI's branches in Stará Turá.  After completing a traineeship I was very keen on getting more empirical experience in the field. I approached the company LEONI in Trenčín, and I was admitted as a student trainee to the IT department. For eight months I acquired empirical experience and more knowledge. After six years I came back, this time as an applicant for the position of an IT technician. I am pleased that due to the traineeship and empirical experience, I was able to get employed and further enhance my qualification which is very important for a young person. It was much easier to approach the employer whose work environment I had already been familiar with. This was beneficial in terms of dealing with stress and time - consuming search for a new job. I am happy that in my job I can do what I enjoy, what fulfills me and in such a good team of folks I work with.

Lucia Mikulová

After i had completed my secondary studies in 2007, I started a part time job at LEONI. Soon after I started to work full time and I started to familiarize myself with the production process of cable kits. Later, I was working in the production. Throughout my work in the production process and by paying regular visits to other LEONI plants, I was constantly acquiring experience in the field of cable kits production. I realized the particularities of the product and how intricate the whole process is. While working I managed to complete my Bc. reading, as well as improved my German language skills. Later, I started to work as a constructor - developer of cable kits, in 3D program Catia V5. This work is very dynamic, creative and not monotonous. Every day, it brings different tasks and every day I have the opportunity to learn something new. I can utilize all my skills and knowledge which I acquired in the previous years. I communicate mainly in German which I also find beneficial. My team and the environment I work in is very nice and that also contributes to my personal contentedness.

Bc. Čambora Lukáš

After I completed my secondary studies in 2005, I started working for LEONI as a production operator.  As I was working directly in the production, I acquired the knowledge in the process of cable kits' making. Later, I took part in the selection process for the position in development, with a successful result.  I have to say that I utilize all my skills and knowledge acquired in the production on an everyday basis; it has helped me to get my bearings more swiftly as well as understand work assignments related to my position. Over the past few years, I have been part of the teams which have been launching the production in new LEONI plants in Serbia, China and Brazil. I have been interested in conducting trainings and induction of new employees in international teams.  Currently, I have been working as a team leader in the D&D department.  I find the opportunity to work for LEONI as a chance to get a lot of knew knowledge, to get to know many new people, improve myself in language and last but not the least, to be able to work and perform in various countries all over the world. 

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