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  • Peter Repa

    IT System Administrator

    Me and my start in LEONI. I was a student at the Secondary Vocational School in Stará Turá -  my major subject was a mechanic of computers' networks. There is also one of LEONI's branches in Stará Turá.  After I have completed a traineeship I was very keen on getting more empirical experience in the field. I approached the company LEONI in Trenčín, and I was admitted as a student trainee to the IT department. Over the 8 months, I acquired the empirical experience and new knowledge. After 6 years I came back, this time as an applicant for the postion of an IT technician. I am pleased that due to the traineeship and empirical experience, I was able to get employed and further enhance  my qualification, which is very important for a young person. It was much easier to approach the employer, whose working ambience I had already been familiar with. That was beneficial in terms of dealing with stress and time - consuming search for a new job. I am happy that in my job I can do what I enjoy, what fulfills me and in such a good team of folks I work with.

  • Bc. Lucia Mikulová

    BU Design Engineer Teamleader

    After i had completed my secondary studies in 2007, I started a part time job in LEONI. Soon after I started to work full time and I started familiarise myself with the production process of cable kits. Later I was working in the production. Throughout my work in the production process and by paying regular visits to other LEONI plants, I was constantly acquiring experience in the field of cable kits production, I realised the particularities of product and how intricate the whole process is. While working I managed to complete my Bc. reading, as well as improve myself in German language. Later I started to work as a constructor - developer of cable kits, in 3D program Catia V5. This work is very dynamic, creative and not monotonous. Every day, it brings different tasks and every day I have the opportunity to learn something new. I can utilize all my skills and knowledge which I acquired in previous years. I communicate mainly in German which I also find beneficial. Team and the ambience I work in is very nice and that also contributes to my personal contentedness.

  • Bc. Lukáš Čambora

    BU Design Engineer Teamleader

    After I completed my secondary studies in 2005, I started to work in LEONI  as a production operator.  As I was working directly in the production, I acquired the knowledge in the process of cable kits' making. Later, I took part in the selection process for the position in development, with a successful result.  I have to say that I utilize all my skills and knowledge acquired in the production on every day basis, it has helped me to get my bearings more swiftly as well as understand working assignments related to my position. Over the past few years, I have been the part of the teams which have been lounching the production in new LEONI plants in Serbia, China, Brazil. I have been interested in conducting trainings and induction of new employees in international teams.  Currently, I have been working as a team leader in D&D department.  I find the opportunity to work in LEONI as a chance to get a lot  of knew knowledge, to get to know loads of new people, improve myself in language and last but not the least, to be able to work and perform in various countries all over the world.

  • Charlotte Tatíková

    Project Purchasing Officer

    I married a Slovak man living in England and we made a decision to move back to Slovakia. We had a plan to start a family and open our own business. I live in Slovakia for 16 years and I really like it. I have been working in LEONI since January 2018. I work at the Global Purchasing department. I like my job because I can speak English and I deal with suppliers primarily from England. I´ve had opportunities to work in many companies before, I´ve tried to run my own business as well. I know how difficult it is to manage a big company and get everything under the control.  LEONI is a corporation that is worth working for it.

  • Ing. Matej Daňo, PhD.

    Group Leader OP

    I started working in LEONI in October 2014 as a PhD student / I came to LEONI as a PhD student to take an internship program at the PPE department. It was great experience how to apply my all knowledge in practice. Since 2014 I have been working in many positions at some departments also in LEONI Ilava. Nowadays, I work as the head of the prototype and spare parts department in Trencin. I am pleased to have an opportunity to take my internship program in LEONI and start a full time job with the company. I like LEONI due to the diversity of its production programme. I am such a type of a person who needs to have challenges and set up new goals all the time and this is the job offered to me by LEONI. I have already started to look forward to completing another tasks and gaining new experience in the upcoming years in LEONI.

  • Dana Matúšová

    Shift Leader

    I work in LEONI for more than 25 years. I was looking for a new job after maternity leave and i heard, there is one company opening new plant in Trencin. It was Friday when I heard it and I remember, we went to the Germany for training on next Monday. We brought one cable assembly for tractors. Everything looked different. We were putting cables between nails on tables and there was only about 20 people working in LEONI. I have to say I have never been working in such field of produce and even there was some hard and difficult times I never had a feeling I would leave from LEONI. I love my job, I like to working with people and I could not imagine I would do something else.

  • Andriy Terletskyy

    Team Leader SST

    I was working in LEONI at Ukraine before I´ve come to the Trenčín. I work in LEONI for more than 12 years. I started as a test technican, then I became process engineer. Now I work as a team leader at the BU SST, where we are responsible for service, customer support and development and production of testing equipment. I think LEONI company is great, If I did not like it, I would not work here. J I got a chance to see other LEONI´s plants around the Europe, in Africa and America as well. The way how companies work is very similar but the attitude of people is bit different, that´s why I like Trenčín plant so much.

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